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Aftercare tips for a variety of services

Keratin  ComplexTreatment

Express Treatment

lasts up to 6 weeks

No washing or getting your hair wet for 24hrs. (the longer the better) Space out shampoos for longevity. (No more than 2x a week) Keratin Complex Leave in spray is recommended. Avoid salt and chlorine water.

Smoothest Treatment

lasts up to 5 months

No washing or getting your hair wet for 72hrs minimum (going longer is better! And Ironing is encouraged during that time! Space out shampoos to elongate results (no more than 2x a week) & avoid salt & chlorine water. Use provided leave in spray each time you wash

Smooth Treatment

lasts up to 3 months

No washing or getting wet for atleast 24hrs (the longer the better) ironing is suggested during the wait time. Space out shampoos to extend results no more than 2x a week. Avoid salt and chlorine water. (Don't use clips, ties, or anything that creates a crease during wait time) Leave in spray recommended.

Vivid Color

Keep it Dirty!

Wash your hair as little as possible!

Cold Water

When you get it wet in any situation, use cold water. Hot water in an enemy against colored hair.

Proper Rest

Wear your hair up at night when you sleep! Bonus points if you use a satin/silk pillowcase.

Heat Protection

Use a good heat protecting product! Ask your stylist which is best for you.


Avoid the sun, salt water and chlorine!


Your pillow case and towel may be stained the first four weeks.

Cap It

Use a shower cap on days you aren’t washing, so you don’t get the hair wet

Dry Shampoo

Use dry shampoo 2x a day on the roots, once in the morning and once at night. We have our favorites here at Onyx!!

Low Heat

Lower your heat on your hot styling tools.

Proper Shampoo

Use a good shampoo!! This is super important. We suggest two specific ones at onyx; ask your stylist which is best for your hair color.

Keep it Fresh

 These are all considered “temporary” colors plan on getting a refresh regularly to keep the look fresh.


48 Hours After Relaxer

  • Do not wash your hair

  • Do not get your hair wet in any way

  • Do not do any activities that cause you to sweat

  • Do not expose your hair to humid conditions (use a shower cap on) 

  • Do not tuck your hair behind your ears

  • Do not use headbands, ponytail holders, clips, barrettes, or anything that can make a crimp in the hair 

After the 48 Hours

  • After the 48 hours are over, you may wash your hair and treat it normally again. 

  • It's ok to put product in your hair

  • Flat iron your hair

  • Brush your hair

  • Touch your hair

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